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Machining Diameter

Ø 360 mm


Unitary, small and medium series

In the industrial sector, skills and expertise in metal fabrication and boilermaking are essential to ensuring the quality of productions. MPMB, based in Montrichard Val de Cher in France, positions itself as your preferred partner for subcontracting needs, with unique expertise and solid values.

MPMB's expertise in metal fabrication and boilermaking

For several years, MPMB has built a strong reputation in the production of metal parts. Thanks to its expertise and the competence of its teams, the company accompanies you in the realization of your projects, whether they are custom-made parts, assemblies or production in small and medium series.

MPMB stands out for the diversity of services it offers and the rigor with which it approaches each project. Customers can thus benefit from personalized follow-up, tailored to their needs and constraints.

MPMB's values, a guarantee of success for your projects

MPMB is based on a set of values that enable it to ensure quality work and satisfy its customers. Among these values, we find:

Expertise: MPMB's technical mastery and know-how are the result of solid experience in the metal fabrication and boilermaking sector. The company makes a point of staying at the forefront of new technologies and best practices.

Rigor: Each project is approached with seriousness and meticulousness, to guarantee customer satisfaction. MPMB teams work closely together to ensure perfect coordination and respect for deadlines.

Quality: MPMB is committed to providing superior quality parts and assemblies, in accordance with its customers' expectations and current standards.

Professionalism: MPMB's teams are composed of competent and passionate professionals, concerned with meeting their clients' requirements and accompanying them throughout their project.

Commitment: MPMB positions itself as a true partner for its clients, committing to their success. The company demonstrates flexibility and reactivity to adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

Innovation: MPMB relies on innovation to propose increasingly efficient solutions adapted to the challenges of the industrial sector. The company constantly invests in research and development to improve its processes and anticipate market developments.

Performing equipment for quality productions

MPMB has a fleet of performing and modern machines to meet its customers' requirements in terms of quality and precision. The company is equipped with 3 saws that can cut up to Ø 360 mm, state-of-the-art welding stations allowing the welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum using various techniques: TIG, MIG, Brazing, Welding of structure and tubular chassis.

Certifications for a guarantee of quality

The quality of MPMB's work is recognized by the QMOS and DMOS certifications, testifying to the mastery of welding processes and compliance with current standards. These certifications are a guarantee of confidence for the company's customers, who can count on rigorous work that meets the requirements of their industry.

By calling on MPMB for your metal fabrication and boilermaking projects, you choose a trusted partner, with recognized expertise and a team of competent and committed professionals. Thanks to its performing equipment, certifications, and solid values, MPMB positions itself as an essential player in the sector, capable of meeting the most demanding needs in terms of quality and precision.

Don't wait any longer to entrust your projects to MPMB and benefit from personalized support and quality work, carried out in compliance with standards and deadlines.

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