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ISO 9001

Machining Diameter

øM2 to M100 mm


Small to large series

In the competitive world of mechanical manufacturing, SMG Industrie stands out as a premier partner for your screw and fastening needs. With 30 years of experience, this family-owned business has adapted to the changing market demands by offering customized, high-quality solutions.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation SMG Industrie, emerging from a family group, carries the legacy of three decades of expertise in mechanical parts manufacturing. This historical background, combined with a modern and innovative approach, enables the company to efficiently meet the most complex demands of its clients.

A Diverse Offering for Various Needs The company distinguishes itself with the ability to offer four different manufacturing processes, allowing clients to have a single point of contact for various requests. This versatility is a mark of flexibility and efficiency, simplifying the management of your orders.

A Reputation Built on Trust Having completed over 100,000 orders since its inception, SMG Industrie has established itself as a trusted player in the industry. This reputation is the result of successful collaborations with numerous companies, demonstrating the quality and reliability of the solutions offered.

Specialization in Customized Bolts and Fixings The company excels in the manufacturing of bolts and fixings, either based on plans or customized, strictly adhering to DIN, ISO, and NFE standards. Whether for special, non-standard, or custom needs, SMG Industrie guarantees high-precision products.

Diverse Ranges

  • Bolting / Screws
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Threaded rods / Threaded ends
  • Studs and Tension rods
  • Inserts
  • Anchoring fixings
  • Brackets
  • Rivets

Complementary Services for a Complete Offering Besides manufacturing, SMG Industrie provides a full range of services, including treatment, coating, marking, and the management of series of all sizes. A rigorous quality control service and an efficient logistics center ensure optimal management of your orders and annual stock needs.

An Extensive Range to Cover All Needs The diversity of products offered by SMG Industrie is impressive, covering a wide range of screws and fixings, such as nuts, washers, threaded rods, studs, inserts, anchoring fixings, brackets, and rivets.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes The company incorporates cutting-edge technologies in its manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, hot forging, cold stamping, as well as threading and rolling. This technological mastery ensures unmatched quality products.

A Partner at Your Service SMG Industrie invites businesses to contact them for personalized quotes and remains open to receiving your price offers. Located at 830, Chemin des Batterses in Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost, France, the company is ready to support you in the realization of your most ambitious projects.


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